Stacking Sats!

We are a Stacking pool service that provides Stacks holders with less than 0.025% of the liquid supply of STX, a platform to join other Stackers to qualify for bitcoin rewards.

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Privacy by Design - Own your data

Why Stackedsats?

We use privacy by design tools that allow you to control and own your data. Apps like Blocksurvey, is a secure form with end-to-end encryption and privacy features that allow you to own your personal information. Keep your data where it belongs: to you.

Where does the Bitcoin come from?

Stacks miners use a protocol called POX (Proof of Transfer) where they commit bitcoin and use it as fuel to power the Stacks blockchain. When they’ve finished competing for STX rewards by mining blocks, they transfer this committed bitcoin to the STX holders and Stacking pool services that help them secure and decentralized the STX blockchain.

Tracking your bitcoin reward

You can track your bitcoin reward on our dashboard, but first you need to create a username and password.

Step 1

Create a username and password using Stacks Connect ID

Step 2

Enter your Stacks ID and password. Write down your private key and store it safely!

Privacy By Design

We pay Stackers bitcoin to delegate their STX with our Stacking pooled services. We're also strong believers in a user-owned internet and designed our platform with privacy in mind. We do not use cookies, trackers or other data collection tools. We respect your online privacy and the right to own your own data.

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