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Stacking sats

Delegate your STX tokens to retain your privacy.

Securely stack your STX tokens and earn bitcoin in your sleep.

Access our easy to use dashboard to track your daily, weekly and monthly bitcoin earnings.

Stacking sats has never been easier.

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Safe, Secure and Transparent

Your STX tokens never leave your custody.  When you use our delegation service, you are simply giving us the signing authority to add your STX to our pool.

Once the delegation cycle period is complete, we will distribute Bitcoin to your address based on the amount of STX you've delegated. This amount is based on the APY (annual percentage yield) minus our stacking fee. Use our calculator to determine your potential bitcoin earnings.

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How Delegation works

  • Enter your STX address in our dashboard without revealing your private key.
  • Enter your bitcoin payout address. Your STX are locked in for 14 days and we pay you a yield minus a service fee.
  • Our STX address validates transactions on the Stacks blockchain on your behalf.
  • The longer you delegate your STX, the greater your bitcoin reward. So let's start stacking sats!
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Your BTC reward

  • Calculate your potential bitcoin reward
  • Track your BTC reward in the dashboard
  • Watch your bitcoin earnings grow.

    *all figures in the dashboard are for illustrative purposes only.

Delegation Period

Your STX tokens are delegated for 14 days and will automatically continue to earn bitcoin unless you undelegate it manually. Set it and forget it.

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*A 8% service fee will be deducted prior to the distribution of your BTC rewards. Fees are also subject to price fluctations and blockchain variables.